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Shooting guard is arguably the most popular position to play considering that it provides you the greatest chance to rating and handle the ball, and also it shows with some of the greatest rated gamers in NBA 2K21. If you want to dominate as a Shooting Guard in MyPlayer, you'll wish to follow this overview for producing the most effective shooting guard integrate in NBA 2K21.



• Close Shot: 69

You'll wish to be taking the driving layup instead of the close-range shot, but having anything above a 70 rating below will certainly be enough to offer you an opportunity if the possibility develops.

• Driving Layup: 80

A little more vital than dunks or close shots, having in between 75 and also 80 in the driving layups makes certain that you can take those very easy points if the challengers enable you the possibility.

• Driving Dunk: 65

As a shooting guard, you should not be worrying too much about reaching dunk. Anything above 70 in this stat is a waste of stat points that can be propounded far better use elsewhere.


• Mid-Range Shot: 90

As a shooting guard, having a rating of between 85 and also 90 on mid-range shots indicates that you can cover in case your teammates are incapable to discover the open court.

• Three-Point Shot: 87

Not surprisingly, having a high three-point shot rating enables you to discover advantages outside the paint. A score between 85 to 90 will guarantee you can make those game-winning containers.

• Free Throw: 89

Outside of the facility, every gamer requires a respectable free throw score. For a shooting guard, a series of 85 to 90 is acceptable, simply in case you wind up on the line.

• Post Fade: 82

Below is your bread and butter. Having a decently high post fade rating of 80 to 85 will make sure a steady amount of area to work with when trying to conjecture or open up a play.


• Pass Accuracy: 88

Because you will be playing as a slight playmaker no matter, having high pass accuracy is crucial to the build. Making certain a development duration of 85 to 90 will allow you to carry out the needed breeze passes.

• Ball Handle: 84

A staple for anyone looking to be a playmaker or spotlight owner, having ball handling between 80 and also 85 ensures that you will not be messing up any kind of passes or moves that you make around the court.

• Post Moves: 52

As explained, any attributes that relate to inside the paint are pretty unneeded for a shooting guard. Leaving this score between 50 and 55 is acceptable.

Defense/ Rebounding

• Interior Defense: 44

A rating cap of 45 suffices for the very best shooting guard build as you're not mosting likely to be anticipated to defend inside against any kind of facilities at any time soon.

• Perimeter Defense: 75

As one of the outside members, guaranteeing that you have a solid capability to guard the outside is needed. A rating of 80 ways that you have the possible to be fairly strong when it pertains to pushing out any possible long-range shots.

• Lateral Quickness: 75

Preserving movement is essential if you intend to both outplay and shed your opponent. An 80 rating below offers enough to maintain your benefit in movements.

• Steal: 79

Working your way around the outside of a lot of court fights, having a steal rating cap of 80 will certainly manage you more opportunities if the violation starts slacking around you.

• Defensive Rebound: 67

Having a cap of 70 is possibly one of the most that you will certainly need on protective rebounding. If you're doing the rebounding, your center isn't stepping up.


• Height: 6'5"

For height, if your major objective is to get your player as much rate as feasible, going lower than 6 foot 5 is really not mosting likely to benefit you that much. In fact, it can really have the contrary result as you will be losing on strength.

On the other hand, if you just increase by one to 6 foot 6, you will start to lose on ball handing and also rate, which is something that we can pay for as speed is at the core of our build. So, stick to 6 foot 5.

• Weight: 190 pounds

As for the weight, you truly want to stick to the lower end of the range. This will certainly not just assist you with preserving your general rate yet also your velocity, which is equally as crucial. So, we 'd suggest that you stick at 190 lbs. Going any type of lower will injure your strength, and also any higher will make you slower, as well as neither are perfect scenarios.

• Wingspan: 81.5"

And finally, for the wingspan, we would just suggest to stay with the default 81.5 inches. By doing this, we aren't losing on any type of ball handling while preserving a high degree of shooting as well as the ability to speed up increase with ease.

• Takeover: Area Up Shooter or Playmaker

For takeover, we are going to choose the 'Spot Up Shooter' as it will have a big influence on our efficiency when it involves capturing as well as shooting situations. Any other, we feel like are a waste and can just hurt our build.


The badges that we pick for our shooting guard build have the ability to take the player to an entire new degree. This indicates that if you don't go with the ones that we suggest, your build isn't mosting likely to be as ideal as possible. Certainly, which badges you choose in for heavily depends on your style of play in addition to your weak points as well as strengths as a shooting guard.

Finishing Badges

    • Relentless Finisher: Bronze

Shooting Badges

    • Corner Specialist: Hall of Fame
    • Deadeye: Hall of Fame
    • Difficult Shots: Bronze
    • Green Machine: Bronze
    • Hot Zone Hunter: Hall of Fame
    • Range Extender: Hall of Fame
    • Tireless Shooter: Hall of Fame
    • Volume Shooter: Hall of Fame

Playmaking Badges

    • Ankle Breaker: Hall of Fame
    • Dimer: Hall of Fame
    • Floor General: Bronze
    • Handles for Days: Hall of Fame
    • Quick First Step: Hall of Fame
    • Space Creator: Bronze
    • Tight Handles: Hall of Fame

Defense/ Rebounding Badges

    • Clamps: Gold
    • Intimidator: Gold
    • Pick Pocket: Bronze

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