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A probably small portion Best OSRS Gold site of the community does actually play for the grind and sense of achievement. Largely the individuals aiming for 200m abilities, they gain nothing in the process generally by means of articles and still enjoy playing. You can go kill bandos for 200 kills/trip? Why? The only end game I consider runescape having is player killing, which isn't very alluring to many. That I simply don't see why people set content-related goals, this game features such poor content in reality. Unless, of cou... more
Sunxuemei Yesterday, 00:43 · Tags: runescape gold
I thought I would start RuneScape gold another one of these subjects. Post how you learned about the sport, etc.. I am sure everyone has some sort of narrative besides"I randomly typed into runescape.com and made an account lol." I watched him kill a chicken, cut down a tree, make a fire, and burn the chicken. Exciting. I basically gave him the why am I wasting my time viewing this nerd bullshizzle appearance and he got the concept. For the rest of the day we did something stereotypical boys that age would do like play basketb... more
Sunxuemei Oct 20 · Tags: runescape gold
We also pinned our OSRS gold finest accounts from each otherour mains. This was more fun because the stats were more balanced, so it was a real fight, and enjoyable to see variety beat mage, mage conquer melee, ect. We have these pures that are completely unbalance,d and it has just made PKing less enjoyable. Is it me, or has the PKing community lost its integrity over the previous years? These are only a few off of the top of my head, but I bet there are more. Do you think this ethics is going to be reinstated with the older wilde... more
Sunxuemei Oct 12 · Tags: runescape gold
So what exactly does OSRS gold this mean? Can jagex want to start making semi-useful holiday items? They have hinted at that, saying"To an extent, so I think people developers (and players) must accept that vacation things won't ever be the most-used items in the sport, but that does not mean that they ought to be written-off as useless." Do you like this idea, or do you just need a cool looking thing that you can wear when skilling? I enjoy this as it gives new players a reason to complete the holiday events. I remember when I ... more